Monday, July 24, 2006

I'm in the papers. Woo Hoo! It came out last Friday (21/07/2006) in Utusan Malaysia. Basically it's just about me and my wife's wedding photography gig. It's still fascinating to see yourself in the papers and I'm quite happy with what the reporter wrote although I didn't really understand most of it due to my very bad Bahasa Melayu. But it still sounded nice.

Anyway, this is my first post in my newly created blog. I have had this thing for quite awhile but I've been agonising about what to write about and how to go about doing it. I don't fully understand this blogger thing yet but I'll learn along the way. I think I am competent enough to post although I won't be able to do any fancy stuff with it. So it'll just be a basic blog.

So after a lot of thought I have decided that I want this blog to be just about my life and about my interests. So I guess it'll be mostly about the stuff below:
Before I end this first post I feel I need to give a basic introduction into who I am to those who don't know me, so here goes....

My name is Iskandar and I work as a Forensic Consultant in a company which deals with mostly fire investigation. We do other stuff as well but mostly it's fires. I graduated from Staffordshire University last year with a BSc. First Class Honours in Forensic Science from Staffordshire University. I did a first degree in Actuarial Science in City University but decided after graduation that I didn't want to be in that field due to my sudden disinterest in mathematics and statistics.

I came back to Malaysia after 8 years studying in the UK. If I had the funds I'd be a professional student. I just love being a student and just having to learn new stuff everyday. Unfortunately, I've not won the lottery yet. So I had to come back. After I came back I applied for one job and got it and after six months I'm still there digging through crap to find the origin and cause of the fire.

Something special that's happened to me in the last year is that I've got a little baby girl. Dian Iskandar. She's the highlight of my day. Everyday. She learns something new almost every single day so she's always entertaining.

I think I will end this first post here. I have so many other stuff to blog about so I'll keep that for future posts.

Thanks for reading.




Anonymous Frances said...

Since your work mainly deals with a fire investigation, it's possible that you might have encountered cases which the fire came from natural causes.

11:52 AM  

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