Saturday, July 29, 2006

I've had this idea for quite awhile now. Making t-shirts for clients and giving it to them as gifts after the job's been completed. I doubt it'll do much in terms of marketing but I've always liked t-shirts and hopefully the clients will appreciate it. Was thinking of other stuff but I think t-shirts will be the most useful. Not everyone wears a cap and a keychain doesn't really do much in terms of marketing. EVERYONE WEARS A T-SHIRT AT ONE POINT OR ANOTHER. So I guess it will be used. Don't really care if people want to wear it at home in their 'sarung'. As long as I know it will be used I'm happy.

I got this idea from those London t-shirts people always buy. You know the one....'My sister went to London and all I got was this lousy t-shirt'. Didn't really want to put the negative aspect into my design so I just thought of the 'I got shot by' idea to keep the t-shirt kind of exclusive to 'paying' clients only. I'll probably design something else for everybody else. I just came up with the design in about 5 minutes. Yeah, it shows (I'm not a designer, I just take photos). But hell if someone gave me a free t-shirt I'd take it. Doesn't matter what's written on it. I can always use it for sleeping.This is where I currently get my t-shirts.

Anyway, the final design is gonna be something like in the picture above with maybe some tweaks here and there. However, I'm just having trouble deciding how many I'm gonna make and in what size. Unless I use Lycra® and make it free size, I'm gonna have to decide on an average Malaysian size since I won't have the funds to make hundreds of t-shirts in different sizes. So, off I go this weekend to scout around for someone who can make good quality 100% cotton t-shirts for cheap. Man, good quality and cheap just doesn't sound right.


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