Monday, September 11, 2006

Shot a good friend's wedding just over a week ago. Effy and Sharipah had their reception in Dewan Merak Kayangan and they gave me the OKAY to bring my camera along. In fact, I brought the whole kit. I wasn't the official photographer so there wasn't much pressure. This allowed me to go for more creative shots but I still wanted to shoot it as realistically as possible. I'd like to thank BOB who was the official photographer for allowing me to shoot alongside him.

Anyway, below are some of my favourite shots from the wedding. They were the perfect wedding couple. No bridezilla, no fake smiles, no uncomfortable & awkward moments. Just a good looking couple enjoying the night.

I tried some high ISO shots (ISO1600) and also converted more to black & white than I've done in previous weddings. I also began trying some sepia tones. I've always tried to stay away from sepia since I thought it clashed with the real B&W if I put it in the album. BUT...I've changed my mind. I think if done moderately and for some prints, it does add impact to a collection of images.

More pictures HERE.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

'just a good looking couple aah'.. im sure she does. i wasnt could u sharipah?..a least just throw me a card. only now i came to know that u married. happy to see u married but sad i wasnt invited. very nice photo of u. wish u happy with lovely husband n kids..may god bless u.

yr very old friend HISHAMUDDIN.

3:20 PM  

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