Friday, October 27, 2006

Hope everyone had a great Eid this year. I personally enjoyed it since I have not celebrated Eid ul-Fitr in Malaysia for 4 years. The last time I celebrated it here, I was still a single guy. Now I've got a wife and a 1 year old kid.

It was Dian's first Eid here too, so naturally, all the Tok's spoilt her. I don't think we got to buy her any clothes. The Tok's beat us to it. So the only thing we bought was a handbag for her to put her 'duit raya' in. My wife had the brilliant idea of pinning the handbag to Dian's clothes so it stays on her shoulder. So, she does look like a sophisticated little kid.

Anyway, we had lots of visitors as usual. What I like about Eid here in Malaysia is that I get to meet a lot of people that I don't normally meet other times of the year. During Eid they come and visit and it's nice to have a chat to see how's everything and just have a good laugh.

Since it was Dian's first Eid as well, we also had to do some visiting just to show her off. It's a wonder how many people actually want to see someone else's kid. I guess since we see her all the time it's not a big deal. HEHEHE...

Most of the time we went visiting, the 'little one' actually behaved herself. She takes awhile to warm up to people but when she does, she's a bit of a handful. I've also realised that my little girl is one materialistic little baby. I didn't want to admit it but when she met 'aunty bling bling' with all her jewelery, the first thing Dian did was grab the glittery stuff. She looks at something or someone else but her fingers are there trying to pull off the bling bling. Dian is the Princess of Deception. She also takes to bribery. Give her 'duit raya' and suddenly she's okay with you carrying her.

So, it has been a great few days off work but I'm off to work tomorrow. Just a half day thing to finish up a case we had on the eve of 'Hari Raya'. I know a lot of people are still on holiday 'cos I went to the mosque today for Friday prayers and it was actually the first time I prayed in the carpeted area. Hopefully, we finish up early tomorrow so I can have lunch with the family.

Take care everyone.


Blogger Maine said...

Aiyooh such doting parents. Your wedding website tu kenapa suma sekali kena ada password, susahla ini macam.

My raya is so seronok too. The last raya as a singleton. Had Rizal back in Kelantan and we did a lot of shopping and cooking.

Kamariah, at least you got new baju to wear although its previous year's. I didn't have time to make any!

6:24 AM  
Blogger Point44 said...

Wow. Another comment on my blog. How exciting.

Anyway, yeah i've re-designed the website. I just don't feel like putting each and everyone's wedding on the site. If I do that it'll just be like every other website. So i'm just putting key pictures with a link to the 'PRIVATE GALLERIES'...hence the password.

I'll post web slideshows soon though. It's something new i'm offering to clients. It should be up before next week...Hopefully.

11:57 PM  

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