Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Last Thursday I attended one of the most beautifully decorated wedding settings I've seen yet. The couple were Ken & Nija. Ken is half Japanese so they decided to hang cool origami cranes outside the house.

The wedding dining table was just something else with what seemed to me was a flower sort of chandelier. The lighting was also awesome with those teeny lights all around the place. They also put up a marquee with a see-through top, so that gave the guests a feeling of dining beneath the stars.

I wasn't the official photographer but I never miss a photographic opportunity. Since the bride already hired their own photographer I just mainly concentrated on the groom's family who are good family friends of ours. I made sure I stayed out of the way of the official photographers who were headed by Kid Chan. Immaculately dressed in his 'baju melayu' as usual, Kid was stealthily photographing the couple whilst the others took care of the guests and the detail shots.

Anyway, here are some available light shots I took at the wedding.


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