Sunday, December 03, 2006

Phew...just finished the last of Ajeep & Maz's wedding functions. I'm thinking if I actually do this often enough i'm sure to lose some weight. Yesterday was Maz's reception at Dewan Perdana Felda but I wasn't the 'official' photographer. I was still paid to be there but I just wasn't the main photographer. The main shooter was Ikram Ismail. He's a well known wedding photographer and an all-round nice bloke. I haven't really seen his shots but I heard from a lot of people that he's one of the top dogs in this business. By looking at the way he works, I don't have any doubts about his photographic skills. I talked to him a bit and he was gracious enough to answer all my questions about gear and the business in general. He also allowed me time to shoot between his shots so it was all in all a pleasant working environment.

I think that I've progressed quite far in my wedding photography compared to when I first started shooting my friend's weddings a few years ago. At that time it was all film so I couldn't afford to shoot a lot and experiment. But now I am more daring in terms of composition and how I go about setting my camera up. I think after every single event I shoot, I gain more confidence in myself and I believe I'm now at the level where I am quite comfortable with all my gear and can go about moving in and out without worrying much about settings. It is slowly becoming second nature. I can sometimes guesstimate settings in certain conditions and this has helped me work a lot faster. I guess this only comes through experience and I'm hoping I get more experience so that I am at the level where I can just go in and shoot without having any worries at all. As of now I still have certain moments where I forget to change the ISO from indoors to outdoors and stuff like that. But hey, I'm only human and I've noticed that after each event I'm more aware of settings and I tend to make less mistakes.

So, here are just a few more teasers of what I shot at both Maz's & Ajeep's reception, which was held last night and today (Sunday 3rd November 2006). I took quite a lot of shots so it will take awhile to edit and upload their online gallery. So please be patient.


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