Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lost my iPod Touch today. For a few hours. Damn bloody thing slipped out of my pants whilst I was at a Forum/Seminar at Institut Integriti Malaysia. Couldn't find it anywhere. I sat in only 2 places the whole time I was there and I tried searching for it. No luck there. Decided that no one's gonna return it when they find it. And there's no address or any contact details in there either.

But lucky me, today...(after a terrible weekend when my dad broke my Macbook Pro power adapter which he still denies) it was a seminar about integrity or something like that. So there was this nice lady from 'Perpustakaan' in PJ who was sitting in the chair I was at who found it in between the cushions.

So now my baby's back with me. I don't have anything personal in there but it's the sentimental value of it being my first iPod. And it's so beat up and dented that it's cool.

Anyway, since I was so happy to have got it back, I just had to reward myself by having a T-Bone steak at Las Carretas on Jalan Semantan. I have been craving for steak for a few days now after several nights of having rice and rice and more rice.

So here I am after a good meal, and now enjoying a cappuccino with my baby. I am so happy there are still good, honest people in this country.


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