Sunday, November 04, 2007

After 28 years living with my parents, I've finally moved out. Been at the new house 2 weeks now but it's surprising that it wasn't the life altering event I thought it was going to be. But i'm guessing it's partly because I've only moved 5 minutes walk away. I even still have most of my meals at my their house 'cos I'm too cheap to pay for stuff like basic essentials.

It is rather refreshing finally having my own space and I've also been able to realise my dream of having my own home-office. I've got my little sanctuary in a corner of the house where I can just do my own thing. I can imagine spending many hours just tucked in there doing my photo-editing or watching a movie on my PC. I even put up black-out blinds so i can get the right lighting conditions for my editing.

I'd take a photo of the house and my room but it's all in a bit of a mess now from all the junk I've accumulated throughout my life. Been going through it all and there's a lot of stuff there which i don't think i even need or want but I sometimes just keep things for sentimental reasons. I believe this is now the best time to get rid of these things. Maybe just dump it or maybe have a garage sale or something like that. Will see how it goes.

Anyway, haven't really had any official house-warming party or anything like that yet, but did invite a small group of friends over just for a barbeque and a Wii party. I know it sounds geaky but damn that thing is addictive. It is hilarious watching people swinging their arms all over the place playing a kiddies game.

Itzhar showing off his mad skillz.

Sher & Ida self portrait.

Imran doing what he does best.

Me Wii-ing.

Imran getting his much needed exercise from the Wii.

Ozairi. Master Wii-er.

I'm sure he'd be embarrassed by this photo.

Norm. Doing the Wii dance. He came late after going for the Mac OS (Leopard launch). Also contributed the box of J-Co doughnuts. Yummy.

Got the girls to Wii too.

Unpacking my stuff I found my old Bodi-Tek machine. It's an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) machine and turned up full blast you just lose control of your arms and cramp up. Imran being the great experimenter obviously wanted to try it.

If you actually attach it to both arms and turn it up, you might not be able to turn it off 'cos your arms just can't move anymore.

Everyone had a go. Maybe we should do a 'Jackass' kind of thing and see who can last the longest at full setting.

Imran really loving the EMS.


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