Friday, July 24, 2009


I have so much to say but am just too lazy to blog. Facebook has been so much easier to satisfy my arguing addictions. But once in awhile I do have to update this bugger. But in a flash.

Shot more weddings, built a home-studio at my sis' house, watched zombie movies, went to Hong Kong, went to Singapore (last week), going to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow, bought a f*ckin' genuine la-z-boy (milestone of my life), had friends visit from the UK, had an uncle i've never met visit me from the UK, watched more zombie movies, went white water rafting (almost drowned), went hill-climbing (almost died...and never again), ran a 10km race, met friends I've not met since college...oh god, so many things have happened...

Looks like my 'Things To Do Before I Turn 30 List' is not gonna be completed. I've got fasting month next month and I've filled up my weekends so much that I won't be able to complete my 'visit 3 countries i've never been to' target. So i'm gonna try make it before end of the year. Other than that I think I can squeeze a camping trip somewhere before then.

Photos below...just random sh!t....


Blogger LYEN LATIF said...

heyy,yeah. i really like the jabatan kimia,best. the workers are really friendly ;)
OH,i remember u. u were the one who explained to us about the ic and stuff kan? :D

1:28 PM  
Blogger Point44 said...

Righto. I was the IC guy. How lame does that sound. :-)

Glad you liked the open day. It's not really CSI but that's the best we've got. At least the equipment's top notch. If you ever ever wanna be a forensic scientist, be sure to know, the pay sucks but the job's worth it if you like helping people out.

Checked out your blog. Very interesting. Did not know they still have interact clubs in school. Actually, i've always wondered, what do you guys/gals actually do in the Interact Club?

4:37 PM  

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